Lifting age limit will stir terrorism, ex-MP calls Kamya a tragedy

Beti Kamya

Former Makindye West MP, Hussein Kyanjo, has described as tragic the continuous defection of opposition members to the ruling National Resistance Movement [NRM] government.

“President Museveni has a way of picking people from the opposition and making it seem like they were in the NRM,” Kyanjo told Semweya Musoke, the host of NBS “Face-Off” Sunday programme.

He added: “There is a tragedy in the opposition where we have seen members cross over to the NRM. We need to stand our ground.”

He cited an example of Hon. Betty Kamya who was a leader of an opposition political party but is now a Kampala minister.

Last week, Uganda Federal Alliance [UFA] which Kamya heads disowned her remarks supporting Museveni’s life presidency saying they were going to discipline her.

Kamya believes Museveni is the most intelligent person in the country and should therefore rule Uganda forever.

But Kyanjo says people need to understand the reason as to why the opposition keeps coming back even if it loses an election.

Kamya herself has stood for the position of president but lost the election. Opposition strongman, Kizza Besigye, has so far lost elections four times but is yet to give up.

“There is so much to learn beyond just winning an election. We are not wasting time, we are airing our views,” Kyanjo explained.

Kyanjo said there are just a few people that are capable of speaking against the NRM, noting that, however, Ugandans will not be silent about four things.

“[1] Manipulation of the constitution [2] Museveni for President in 2021 [3] Training his own for presidency and [4] Manipulation of election results.”

He prophesied: “The consequence of lifting age limits may generate terrorism in Uganda.”

Ssemweya reminded Kyanjo that terrorism was already dealt with by security forces after the 2010 Kampala bombings.

“The people that terrorise the nation are not outside of government,” Kyanjo explained.

On Sunday, Somali insurgents Al Shabaab ambushed African Union troops and claimed to had killed 39 soldiers in Lower Shabelle region.

Voice of America reported that 10 of the 39 were Ugandan troops [UPDF].



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