Ofwono blocks scribe over cartoon of him stealing underwear

The cartoon showing Opondo stealing a pen and underwear while an OWC cow watches in disbelief

Government spokesperson, Ofwono Opondo, lost his temper on Friday and blocked a Daily Monitor cartoonist, Chris Atukwase aka Chrisogon alias Ogon, on social media.

Ogon said he failed to access Opondo’s twitter handle that communicates mostly government projects as well as criticisms of the opposition political parties.

The journalist said he was blocked for drawing a cartoon of the Uganda Media Centre boss stealing underwear and a pen from Uchumi supermarket.

The Nation Media satirist said this is not the first time public figures are blocking him on social media for ridiculing them in hilarious sketches.

“Bebe Cool, Andrew Mwenda, Maj Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba all blocked me. Now Ofwono too! I have seen days!” Ogon lamented on social media.


In the sketch, Opondo who is donned in a yellow [NRM] shirt, has already stolen a pen which rests between left ear and head and is now trying to stash a woman’s underwear inside his breast pocket.

Meanwhile, an Operation Wealth Creation [OWC] heifer is peeping from the window of the supermarket and expressing shock that its owner is capable of stealing underwear.

Opondo a few days ago was forced to return a cow he received under OWC after an uproar from district councillors in Mukono.

The councilors were unhappy that the some of the cows, which were meant for the poor people in the community, were given to financially stable people like Opondo.

However, Opondo says the cow was given to his wife adding that he had never applied to be a beneficiary of the OWC programme.

Underwear saga

On April 5, 2005, The Monitor published an article running under the headline: “Uganda: Ofwono Opondo in Shoplifting Scandal” in which the then Director of Information at the Movement Secretariat, Opondo, was on fined for suspected shoplifting.

Simon Kasyate who wrote the story quoted sources at Uchumi Supermarket saying security personnel at Garden City Mall stopped Opondo in the parking lot after he had walked off with undeclared underwear and a pen.

Uchumi Supermarkets country manager, David Njenga, later defended Opondo against allegations of shoplifting.

Njenga told New Vision that he had no report of shoplifting or theft by a government official.

Opondo later wrote to the then NRM vice-chairman, Moses Kigongo, and denied the shoplifting but admitted picking a Bic pen to tick through his shopping list.

“If a small man like me can get such publicity over a small pen what about big shots?” he told New Vision.



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