Museveni brother Toyota brokered Jinja land grab

Michael Nuwagira alias Toyota

President Museveni’s brother, Michael Nuwagira alias Toyota, has been named for having acted as a broker to Biras Properties that dubiously acquired government land on plot 60/62 Alidina road in Jinja.

Biras Managing Director, Simpson Birungi told the Lands Inquiry Commission that Nuwagira alias, Toyota told him lucrative government property in Jinja which he helped him to acquire within days at 2.5 million shillings.

Birungi had previously asked not to reveal Michael Nuwagira’s name in public but when cornered further, he seemingly forgotten and mentioned Toyota as the lead broker.

He had also named one Ibanda as the broker.

Lady Justice Catherine Bamugemereire was armed with information to show that the members of the first family and particularly Toyota was involved in influencing the process that eventually lead to the demolition of a government building.


But Birungi still insisted that he had only gone for consultations with Michael Nuwagira alias Toyota.

Simpson Birungi said he knowingly took over the building knowing that there were tenants but he did not discuss with them at the time he was taken to the building.

It was Justice Minister Kahinda Otafiire, while serving as Minister of Trade, Tourism and Industry, who initiated the idea of granting the letter of no objection to Birus Properties owned by Birungi.

Simpson Birungi used the letter of no objection from Ministry of Trade and Tourism to apply to Uganda Land Commission fort grant of lease for plot 60/62 in Jinja Municipality.

Birus used the same letter to process for the land titles for the same land.

The clearance by Otafiire is said to have cleared the land grab and later demolition of the building despite interventions by Privatisation Unit and the Inspectorate of Government (IGG).

Education Service Commission Undersecretary, Olauna Emmanuel Orum told the Lands Inquiry probe that Kahinda Otafiire first communicated to Ambassador Julius Onen.

Ambassador Julius Onen was the Permanent Secretary at the time Otafiire was Minister of Trade, Tourism and Industry while Olauna Emmanuel Orum was the Undersecretary at the same Ministry.

Olauna told the Commission that Ambassador Julius Onen asked him to carry out due diligence on the request by Birus Properties for a certificate of no objection for takeover of plot 60/62 Aldina Road in Jinja.

Olauna revealed that while attending the President’s swearing at Kololo on 12th May 2011he was driven by Birus Properties agent to agent to Jinja to carry out the purported due diligence in Jinja.

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