CAO weeps as Bamugemereire grills him to tears

Magemeso being assisted to wipe the tears

The Assistant Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) for Jinja district has broken down and cried like an old woman while testifying before the Justice Catherine Bamugemereire-led commission of inquiry into land matters.

Moses Magemeso, 41, who was the former Secretary district land board for Jinja, was Friday grilled over grabbed 20 acres of land belonging to Uganda Land Commission.

The said plot was leased to the National Fisheries Research Institute and later fraudulently sold to an Indian.

David Pande, the senior surveyor of this land, sold it to an Indian at Shs160 million.

Magemeso told the commission that the then district LC5 chairman, Innocent Ngobi, and district land board chairman connived to process a lease title to be given to the Indian.


“One day, Ngobi, introduced Pande to me and asked him to hand over a file with an application for lease on the land,” Magemeso said.

Magemeso further revealed that Ngobi then instructed him to have the matter scheduled on the agenda in the forthcoming meeting.

He said the district land board chairman, Alex Waibale, then called him so as to go for a fact-finding mission about the said land.

Magemeso whose role as a mere secretary was to write minutes, says the LC5 chairman started witch-hunting him and eventually he was fired.

“One day I received a message on my phone from someone asking what I had done to the district chairman,” he said before breaking down.

With tears rolling down his cheeks, Magemeso said that a few days later, an advertisement was placed in the newspapers for his post.

“Even when the advertisement was placed, Waibale brought someone to sit in my office as they sent me out.”

The weeping Magemeso said he was witch-hunted for the entire time he spent as Secretary to the district land board in Jinja.



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