5 arrested as rival schools clash in night raid

Makobore students sent home

Three students of St Gerald’s SSS Nyakibale and two from Makobore High school Kinyasano in Rukungiri district are being held at Rukungiri Central Police Station after they engaged themselves in clashes last night.

According to the Kigezi Region Police spokesman, Elly Matte, the students were picked from Makobore High school where the clashes took place in the wee hours of the morning.

It’s reported that a group of St Gerald’s SSS students attacked Makobore high school with an intention to revenge over the fire that gutted St Gerald’s offices early this month.

The attackers are reported to have sneaked into Makobore compound with a container full of petrol and they carried sharp objects like pangas.

St Gerald’s students suspect their counterparts at Makobore for being behind the fire at their own school that left the Head teacher office burnt and documents /certificates of about 15,000 students burnt beyond recognition.


However, some Makobore students who were already awake to do their morning preps realized that there were intruders in their midst and informed others and violent fight started.

The situation was saved by the police which guarded the school who called for reinforcement from the Central Police and managed to stave off the fight.

In the process, the police apprehended the 5 students who are now being interrogated by CID officers at the police.

Those under detention were identified as Amanya Soul, Byaruhanga Ivan and Muhanguzi Trevor all from St Geralds SSS Nyakibale while Orikiriza Onan and Nimusiima Dawin from Makobore High school Kinyasano.

Matte said that the students will be held liable to for their acts and wider investigation will conducted to find out the true origin of the attack.

Both Schools have been ordered to close until further notice.



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