Kamya’s party disowns her over Museveni

Beti Kamya's Uganda Federal Alliance party has dissociated with her remarks praising president Museveni

Opposition Uganda Federal Alliance (UFA) party has distanced itself from remarks made by its leader who is also the Kampala minister, Beti Kamya.

Oluma Kennedy, the Ag. Secretary General, in a notice to the public and the entire membership of Uganda Federal Alliance, said UFA has experienced one of the most politically awakening and progressively determining moments.

“Let alone the much hostile environment of tyranny and manipulation created by the Museveni NRM regime to thwart the efforts of UFA and other political parties in ensuring a regime change, there has been internal weakness hence the long moment of reflection in awake of the challenge,” Oluma said.

He said UFA was making itself capable of launching a political fight for its ideology and core value of federalism through a rigorous measure.

He said a high level National Executive Committee consultative meeting convened by the Ag. Secretary General in consultation with the party vice president and national chairperson was held on Wed 26th July 2017 at the party headquarters to forge away forward for the party.

Oluma said UFA is an independent opposition political party irrespective of the conspicuous appointment of its party president Hon. Beti Olive Kamya as a cabinet minister by the ruling NRM government.

“We perceive this appointment as a means to cripple and frustrate the party and the entire opposition which we detest and shall continue to disapprove by all means.”

However, Oluma noted, the party president’s inability to perform her due responsibilities as the party leader to steer its objective will be resolved by the responsible party organs with immediate effect as all options are available to restore discipline and order in the party.

He said the office of the Secretary General shall expedite a process of convening the comprehensive National Executive Committee meeting in not exceeding thirty (30) days from the date of this meeting to discuss the key matters of the party and; as a matter of urgency hold the National Delegates conference.

“Uganda Federal Alliance dissociates from the personal statement (s) of the party president on her approval of the removal of Article 102(b) of the constitution of the republic of Uganda and however, the party shall communicate its position immediately following the pending NEC meeting not exceeding thirty (30) days.”

He added: “It is our responsibility and all democracy seeking forces as defend our constitution of Uganda against the perennial presidency of Museveni which has ever strongly been articulated by our party president.”

Oluma applauded members for their continued roles played in the political spheres, saying they must always remain focused committed to the party objectives and goals with much force for peaceful political transition and; restoring an equitably balanced governance system of federalism in Uganda.



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