Age limit: Nagenda tells Museveni to retire  


Senior Presidential Advisor on the media and public relations John Nagenda has asked President Yoweri Museveni to serve out his last term and retire since the constitution bars anyone from seeking the Presidency beyond the age of 75.

Nagenda who was speaking to NTV in an interview asked the 10th Parliament to reject any moves, if any are made to amend Article 102 (b) of the constitution that caps at 75 the age limit on Presidential contestants.

President Museveni will be 77 years old by the next general elections in 2021.

“It was a backward step for Museveni to run again. I know he is fair and friendly person,” Nagenda told the television.

He said pushing age upwards has some problems and one of them is that as people grow older, their mental faculties begin to lessen.


“We may got to a stage where Zimbabwe is now. They have a leader who is 94 years old [Robert Magabe]. It is not working.”

Nagenda advised Museveni not to associate with people who are pushing him to scrap the age limit and stand again.

“Let us consider our country before we consider ourselves first,” he said, citing Museveni’s political affairs advisor, David Mafabi, who is pushing for his return in 2021 elections.

Nagenda who has advised the president for over 20 years now, says such people are not the president’s friends.

“If every time we want somebody to stand, we changed the constitution, it means we will water down the constitution. I don’t think on this particular position, it should.”

He advised Members of Parliament to keep the age limits which he said are very good.

The Committee of Legal and Parliamentary Affairs has since vowed to block the Constitutional Amendment Bill 2017, accusing Cabinet of being disrespectful.

The Committee chairperson Jacob Oboth Oboth tasked the Deputy Attorney General Mwesigwa Rukutana to justify the intention of the amendment Bill.

Kajara County MP Michael Kamugisha Timuzigu (NRM) also asked the officials why they rushed to present the amendments on land acquisition yet the commission of inquiry on land has not concluded its investigations.

It is this same bill that continues a proposal for the removal of presidential age limit.



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