Age limit: Kamya licks Museveni boots

Kamya licks Museveni's boots [Cartoon by Daily Monitor's Chris Ogon]

Kampala minister, Beti Kamya, is the target of this week’s satirical sketches by top cartoonists in Uganda media houses.

The comical attack on the minister comes days after she told NTV that President Yoweri Museveni is more intelligent than the entire Ugandan cabinet, the reason why he must lead the country until he dies.

Uganda’s bi-weekly The Observer newspaper’s Spire was very elaborate and quite extravagant in description.

The Observer’s cartoon depicts a thick-lipped hungry Kamya carrying a yellow hang bag inscribed on: “Food First”.

Donned in a yellow office suit, Kamya then carefully puts out her two hands, with a sharp and steady gaze sustained on a pair of army boots.

Victoria University

“Oh my!! I have never, never tasted anything as sweeet [sic] as his boots…I suweya” Kamya tells herself in a soliloquy [an act of speaking one’s thoughts aloud when by oneself or regardless of any hearers, especially by a character in a play].

The minister then moves in wholesale, chameleon-like tongue dripping with saliva and licks the military boots clean.

Cartoon by The Observer

Daily Monitor, Uganda’s daily that just celebrated 25 years in existence, also had something to say about Kamya and her excessive love for Museveni.

Monitor cartoonist Chris Atukwase aka Chrisogon alias Ogon came out openly, sat on ageing Museveni in a comfortable chair dressed in a yellow shirt, signature hat, army trouser, holding his favourite Rwitabagomi AK47 rifle.

Kamya, in her yellow long dress [locally called tantantala], puts out her long pink tongue and licks Museveni’s boots clean.

Senior press secretary, Don Wanyama, peeps behind the half-closed door with an extensive smile and comments: “This hoe aint dugu…she’s b.o.n.k.t.”

Kamya’s boot-licking starts to disgust Ugandans

While attending the launch of the Kkubiri Furniture Makers Development initiative, workshop, Kamya told Museveni that the people of Kampala love and are impressed with the support that President Museveni has given them.

Earlier, she told NTV in an interview that Museveni is a very intelligent and special person, the reason Ugandans should let him rule forever.

Kamya described Museveni as a blessing to Uganda and the country should not send him home in 2021 merely because of a constitutional limitation of 75 years for a presidential candidate.

A president of the opposition Uganda Federal Alliance (UFA), Kamya says Ugandans should come out and strongly support the amendment of the age limit clause.

“I think as long as God still gives him the energy, we should let him continue leading. In cabinet, Museveni is very confident, tolerant and more intelligent than all of us,” she said.

A former opponent of Museveni, Kamya was appointed minister last year, a move she justified as the “right choice” for Kampala.

“There’s like a thousand people at my house at this moment; the people are excited,” she told press.

“I am a moderate person. You know that Kampala politics are hyper. The president needed a calm person,” she said. “I have vast management skills and most important, I am an opposition politician from Kampala.”

Critics then said her appointment as a reward for her stance against her former party Forum for Democratic Change [FDC].

“These people should know that the President in the past has offered me a cabinet position. In 2001 he offered me a ministry; even in 2011 he wanted to appoint me but I declined. I don’t think that Museveni is so petty that he would appoint someone minister for merely speaking against his enemy,” she explained.



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