Mandy nostalgic on fading glory of public service

Fagil Mandy

Educationist and former Uganda National Examinations Board [Uneb] chairman, Fagil Mandy, says there is general indiscipline in a way that the rule of law and order is gradually sliding away in Uganda.

“I was glad that dresscode guidelines were enforced,” Mandy expressed his nostalgia on the fading glory of the public service while appearing on NBS television Tuesday morning.

“We need to get a civil servant that will behave like the service deliverer.”

He said the way people dress make them ‘disgust-able’. “See how girls on the street are dressed, they look like these ‘artificial models on verandas.”

Host: Are civil services dysfunctional?


Mandy: Almost dysfunctional but not completely. Service delivery is poor. We must have a capacity building system in this country; training doesn’t only take place in schools. We should also assess the kind of training that takes place in these training institutions.

He said institutions training human capacity must be reviewed so they can ask themselves ‘what kind of people do they want to produce?

He said Vision 2040 is not going to achieve itself hence all Ugandans need to take a collective effort.

“The job of rebuilding Uganda is not a joke and not even a wish. We must all go into ‘Kisanja Hakuna Mchezo’ mood.”

“As a country, we have lost the fabric of discipline. How can a group of leaders behave the way they did.”

He said if they (local leaders) could pour water on a whole minister [Kahinda Otafiire-Justice and Constitutional Affairs minister], how do they want other people to behave?



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