Kiiza raps gov’t plot to seize Ugandans’ land

LoP Winnie Kiiza

The Opposition has termed as illegal the recently tabled Constitutional Amendment Bill 2017on compulsory acquisition of land by government.

Addressing a press conference, on Thursday, 20th July 2017, the Leader of The Opposition, Hon. Winfred Kiiza, said the Bill intends to take away the only valuable resource owned by Ugandans.

“The Constitutional Amendment Bill 2017 is illegal. It intends to give the government power to hold the only resource that Ugandans have,” she said.

Winfred Kiiza added that the land being targeted is for institutions, schools, churches, mosques among others citing Shimoni School and Naguru land as examples.

“This government took away Shimoni land with the promise of building a hotel; they took the Naguru land saying they were building low cost houses for the poor. This has not come to pass,” she said.


The Leader of the Opposition later led the launching a nationwide campaign starting in Masaka which will spread countrywide to inform the public about the dangers of the Bill.

The Bill intends to amend Article 26 of the Constitution in accordance with Articles 259 and 262. Article 26 of the Constitution provides for the right of persons to own property and how it can be acquired by government.

The purpose of the Bill is to resolve the current problem of delayed implementation of government infrastructure and investment projects due to disputes arising out of the compulsory land acquisition process.



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