NRM youth group asks Museveni to rule till death

The group members during a meeting at Labonita

A new group of the ruling National Resistance Movement [NRM] has emerged ready to champion the scrapping of the presidential age limit clause so President Yoweri Museveni can rule forever.

The group which calls itself National Online Mobilisers [National Online Taskforce] met on Friday at theatre Labonita in Kampala to chat a way forward.

It is comprised of; Moses Owori [chairman], Ssebunya Shafique [coordinator], Peter Banya [secretary], Ndyabasa Easton and Medard Bukambiiza.

The Online Team resolved to unconditionally support and defend the removal of age limits saying the country needs President Museveni more than he needs it.

“Museveni represents all generations,” said group chairman, Moses Owori, citing the generations as the “young, middle aged and the bush war generations”.


He urged Ugandans to support the amendment of article 102 (b) because it will also benefit the future presidents.

NRM Online Taskforce was formed to show the visible achievements of the ruling party and preach the NRM gospel on social media, according to Ssebunya Shafique, the coordinator of the taskforce.

“The youth should be integrated in the system and mzee is always with them. Mzee has laid down strategies of curbing youth unemployment,” he added.

The online mobilisers called upon youth to embrace government programmes like Operation Wealth Creation and Youth Livelihood Fund.



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