Museveni more intelligent than all of us, let him rule forever-Kamya


Minister for Kampala Affairs, Betty Kamya, has said President Yoweri Museveni is a very intelligent and special person, the reason Ugandans should let him rule forever.

Kamya was talking to NTV on the proposed presidential age limit debate.

Kamya described President Museveni as a blessing to Uganda and the country should not send him home in 2021 merely because of a constitutional limitation of 75 years for a presidential candidate.

While civil society organisations are busy mobilising Ugandans to reject any move to lift the constitutional age limit, Kamya told NTV’s Herbert Zziwa the campaign should not be stopping the amendment but winning over the public.

A president of the opposition Uganda Federal Alliance (UFA), Kamya says Ugandans should come out and strongly support the amendment of the age limit clause.


“I think as long as God still gives him the energy, we should let him continue leading. In cabinet, Museveni is very confident, tolerant and more intelligent than all of us,” she said.

She said the opposition is not strategic, the reason it has very few members in parliament.

While addressing press this week, Museveni described the proposed amendment as idle talk and asked Ugandans not to bother discuss speculation.

The president who makes 73 years this year will be above the 75 years mandated by the constitution during the 2021 elections.



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