Kadaga flies army chopper to attend rugby game

Kadaga disembarks from a helicopter

The Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga, became a target of criticism on Saturday when she flew a UPDF chopper just to attend a rugby game.

Many sports fans had gathered at Legends ready to watch Uganda rugby team battle that of Namibia in an International Rugby game.

Before the game could kick off, a military chopper arrived and hovered over the pitch while spectators surged forward to ascertain what was happening.

The helicopter slowly eased down onto the pitch and landed successfully.

Players and officials swarmed the chopper waiting for the occupants to disembark.


When the door opened and to the surprise of many, Kadaga stepped out donning her yellow gomesi [traditional wear] and a wide smile on her face.

Surrounded by UPDF soldiers, Kadaga was then received amidst pomp as the guest of honour.

A spectator told us that Kadaga’s “presidential entry” delayed the game for over 33 minutes as fans and spectators cheered in awe.

Uganda lost the game [Uganda 24-48 Namibia] in the end.

Ugandans did not like the development and many have taken to social media to criticise the speaker.





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