Army dismisses recruitment schedule

Brig Richard Karemire

The national army has dismissed a recruitment notice circulating on social media as false and unreliable.

UPDF spokesperson, Brig Richard Karemire, says the official recruitment schedule will be released to the public at an appropriate time.

“It will be on the official page of the Defence/UPDF spokesperson and in official electronic and print media,” he said, dismissing the current one on social media as a hoax.

According to the circulated document UPDF would recruit 3,000 personnel from all the districts of Uganda, on a quota basis.

“Both recruit Infantry and specialized unit soldiers and professionals will be recruited, within their respective district quotas, if they meet the recruitment criteria,” it said.


It said the UPDF recruitment criteria would include: Citizenship where all recruits would be Ugandan citizens with a national ID; healthy medically and physically fit, ready to undergo medical and physical body check and a road run to test endurance and body fitness.

“Testing MUST be done on senses of hearing, sight, touch, taste, smell, flat foot and general health. Psychiatric and pregnancy tests will also be carried out.”

The document said recruits ought to be adult males and females between the ages of (18 – 25) years. Marital Status MUST be single with no children.

“All recruits of Infantry units MUST possess a minimum formal education of S.4 (UCE), or its equivalent, and S.6 (UACE) with bias in sciences or its equivalent for specialized units. Original Certificates of 2013 shall be mandatory.”

It also emphasised recruits must be of good conduct with no criminal record. Letters of recommendations from LC I, LC III, GISOs duly signed are a MUST to confirm their conduct.

“Any presentation of forged documents is criminal and culprits will be liable for prosecution.”




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