Nsereko, Baryomunsi clash on TV show

MP Nsereko and minister Baryomunsi disagreed on Land amendments

Kampala Central MP Muhammad Nsereko and State Minister for Housing, Hon. Chris Baryomunsi, Thursday night clashed on a television show over the Constitutional Amendment Bill 2017.

Appearing on NBS TV “Frontline” programme, Baryomunsi said new amendments to the act will provide guidelines when owners of the land disagree with government over the value of land.

“Where there is agreement with owner of the land, government can pay amount assessed by the government valuer,” Baryomunsi explained.

“When we were in Kyankwanzi years back, constitutional amendment was of one of the things that came up. The amendment will also provide guidelines where owner of the land can settle the matter through courts of law.”

He said there is a problem when the government which has been elected into power is expected to deliver services.


“What we have brought in Parliament is a proposal; no one should castigate the government for trying to solve problems,” he pointed out before launching an attack on Nsereko.

“If people like Nsereko are not happy with the bill, they should go to the committee. Why should we withdraw a bill which will solve problems?”

Baryomunsi said the bill was brought in good faith, and it’s intended to help government carry out infrastructure projects without being stopped.

In response, Nsereko told the minister that the gist of the matter is the right to own property.

He said the most oppressive laws in history were passed by majority in parliament.

“No one should say these people can’t collude and pass it. The bill takes away insulation from those who can’t afford good legal representation.”

He said when something is factual, it will be seen by everybody and no one needs labour a lot, explaining that the constitution is there to protect the vulnerable.

“People are discussing a proposal which came from a member of NRM. The president should know that he is the basis of this ‘idle talk’ he is talking about.”



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