Matembe raises dust over land bill

Miria Matembe

Former Ethics and Integrity minister, Miria Matembe, says the government of Uganda doesn’t have anything like genuineness in it.

She recalled, while appearing on NBS TV “Frontline” programme Thursday night, that in the Constituent Assembly [CA], there were three main issues; land, federal and multi-party.

“The livelihood of people in Africa depends on land; we never had landless people,” she pointed out, adding, “This land issue was clearly and elaborately debated in CA to protect the weak against the government.”

She attacked State minister for Housing Chris Baryomunsi and government spokesperson, Ofwono Opondo, for confusing people.

“NRM government never decided on how land should be managed,” Matembe stated.


Baryomunsi: Stop heckling.

Matembe: You are not the chairperson.

Baryomunsi who was appearing on the same show had praised the move by government to take over people’s land saying it was for the benefit of all.

“Where there is agreement with owner of the land, government can pay amount assessed by the government valuer,” Baryomunsi explained.

He added: “The amendment will also provide guidelines where owner of the land can settle the matter through courts of law. What we have brought in Parliament is a proposal; no one should castigate the government for trying to solve problems.”

Opondo had also stated it is this government that restored individual ownership of land and individual property.

Democratic Party president, Norbert Mao, pointed out that major wars in the world have always been about land.

“This is a very important issue. You can’t give with one hand and take away with both hands.”

He added: “It’s true there is a problem in terms of disputes between land owners and infrastructure; problems including fraud, inside dealing.”

Speaking separately on the Constitution Amendment Bill 2017, the Leader of Opposition in Parliament, Winnie Kiiza, said opposition is going to all 21 sub-regions in this country to let people know that the only resource they have is land.

“This law is in bad faith and should be rejected. All those who think they can fight poverty using land, they should fight this law. This compulsory acquisition of land will make corruption very normal; land will be valued by one government valuer.”

She added: “When you say you are putting your land into the powers of government, then you are putting your land in the hands of President Museveni.”



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