Ingrid lays siege at Nalufenya, frees FDC fans, leads march to Kasangati

Ingrid and Kantinti at Nalufenya

A team of Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] members sustained its siege at Nalufenya torture facility in Jinja from Thursday to Friday afternoon demanding to see their detained colleagues.

Authorities at the facility blocked the group that had carried food and other necessities from accessing it.

Led by Ingrid Turinawe, Kakayi Zeridah, Brian Atuheire Batenda, Wafula Oguttu, Nathan Nandala Mafabi and Hon Apollo Kantinti, FDC members refused to leave the facility till their demands were met.

Sustained pressure from the leaders moved police to give the suspects a bond and drive them back to Kasangati police station from where they had been transferred to Nalufenya.

Police then loaded the 56 suspects, who were arrested recently for holding illegal assemblies, into a police bus and drove them away from Nalufenya to Kasangati to sign bond forms following their release.


Ingrid’s team followed in a chase as their colleagues waved V-signs at them from within the bus.

Among the detainees were Margaret Wokuri Madanda, Onghwens K. Kisangala, Hon Oboi Amuriat, Robert Mayanja and 50 others.

In Mabira forest Buikwe district, the police bus broke down and smoke was seen coming out of its windows.

Meanwhile, police set up a road block in the middle of the road and blocked Ingrid’s team that was in heavy pursuit.

FDC members on the same journey claimed police even knocked secretary general, Mafabi’s car and pushed it off the road.

During the Mabira stalemate, the detainees resolved to walk on foot all the way to Kasangati Police Station in Wakiso district.

Then a police ambulance was brought to relieve the broken down bus but FDC supporters refused to enter it.

Shortly after, a second police bus arrived and forced them to board.

This bus too broke down at Bulyantente in Lugazi town council along Kmapala-Jinja highway.

Injured, tired and hungry, they embarked on a journey from Lugazi heading to Kampala on foot.

Among those released is Atuhairwe Nicholas who had been held incommunicado for four days.

According to Ingrid, some of their members were tortured in the facility as seen from the pictures she shared.



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