FDC team locked out of Nalufenya, sets camp

Ingrid and the FDC team camping at Nalufenya

A team comprising of Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] officials has camped at Nalufenya police station in Jinja demanding to see their colleagues who are detained at the facility.

The party said at least over 60 of its members are currently detained at the facility and allegedly being tortured.

The latest arrival was Nicholas Atuhairwe who has been leading a social media crusade against lifting of the president age limit and Hon. Eng. Amuriat Oboi Patrick, the FDC party presidential candidate.

Others are; councillor Aisha Namagembe of Gayaza parish, Councillor Edward Walusimbi of Katadde parish, Councillor Sula Kisaka of Massooli, Robert Mayanja, Margaret Wokuri Madanda Onghwens K. Kisangala, Ojobile Augustine and many other leaders in Wakiso district.

On Thursday, FDC officials lead by the party secretary for mobilisation, Ingrid Turinawe, outgoing party president, Mugisha Muntu, and former Leader of Opposition in Parliament, Wafula Oguttu, camped outside Nalufenya detention facility.

Victoria University

Carrying food and other supplies, the team demanded access to their detained supporters.

The team was, however, denied access to Nalufenya and asked to leave.

Earlier, police confirmed arrest and transfer of 56 FDC party members to Nalufenya for holding ‘illegal meetings’.

Police spokesperson, Asan Kasingye, said 24 people were arrested from Magere, 14 arrested from St. Kizito Kiri, 13 from Gayaza and five from Nangabo sub-county in Kyadondo East constituency.

Speaking to press, Ingrid Turinawe, said they have been outside Nalufenya since yesterday [Thursday] and haven’t been allowed to access their people who were arrested.

“We thought our people have the right to be visited by lawyers, relatives and friends,” she noted.

She added: “We are worried, we all know what happens inside Nalufenya detention facility; torturing and slaughtering people.”

Oguttu talks on phone outside Nalufenya
Muntu was also part of the group

They carried food and other supplies
Ingrid Turinawe arriving at Nalufenya-not happy at all


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