Age limit: everyone racing to be like Anite

Minister Evelyn Anite and how she does it

Right now, politicians are in the race to emulate State Minister of Finance for Investment and Privatisation, Evelyn Anite, to get themselves big positions in government by supporting the removal of the presidential age limit.

This is according to former Urban TV star news anchor, Samson Kasumba.

Kasumba who is now a morning show presenter at NBS TV believes: “What we are seeing at the moment is being at the forefront; everyone is racing to be an ‘Anite’.”

He said President Yoweri Museveni no-longer cares about legacy but cares about ‘now’, the reason why people like Anite would do him so much good.

A former presenter at a radio station in Arua and UBC radio, Anite went on her knees in Kyankwanzi and begged Museveni to seek another term in office during the 2016 general elections.


She was later appointed State Minister for Youth and Children.

The elected Member of Parliament representing the Youth from Northern Uganda, Anite is now the State Minister of Finance for Investment and Privatization in the Ugandan Cabinet.

She has been in the media telling off critics to back off and late her vote for the scrapping of the presidential age limit as well as the return of President Yoweri Museveni in 2021 elections.

This week, she accused Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party secretary for mobilisation, Ingrid Turinawe, of plotting to kill her over the bill.

“There’s a lot of provocation going on by the opposition and it is led by Ingrid Turinawe. They intimidated and threatened us and we had to respond because we are not cowards,” Anite is quoted as saying.

She added: “We have responded and told them that this age limit debate hasn’t come up yet therefore it is premature to pronounce ourselves. There are democratic structures for a leader to take power in Uganda.”

She claimed Ingrid has threatened her and her family through social media messages

“I am not afraid. If they hit at me, I will hit back. If you disagree with me, I don’t have to agree with you and you don’t have to threaten me.”

Now other MPs like Ibrahim Abiriga [Arua municipality], Simeo Nsubuga [Kassanda South], Col Fred Mwesigye [Nyabushozi county] and James Kakooza [Kabula County] are walking in Anite’s footsteps, seeking ministerial positions by “selling the age limit bill”.

Evelyn Anite is Museveni’s cherished Minister

Museveni in focus

While discussing the events in the country on Friday, NBS TV journalist, Joseph Sabiti, recalled that President Museveni said when they are ready, they will take action and this political action will be removing a certain article in the constitution.

NBS TV analyst Simon Kaggwa Njala wondered whether the country is engaged in discussing the post President Museveni era.

“Are his close associates discussing his exit? We need to also weigh; is the country safe with President Museveni in power or when he is at his farm?” Commenting on Democratic Party’s ‘Kogikwatako’ age limit campaign, Njala said it is part of the comedy this country is going through.

“President Museveni anticipated what is happening today and it’s all part of his script.”

Former Daily Monior journalist, John Njoroge, said those thinking conventionally liked learned students should know that is not how Uganda works.

“You are talking about retirement, it seems president Museveni retired long time and he is just taking care of us. This is his retirement. If anybody is going to remove this age limit, it’s going to be the Parliament which has highest number of NRM MPs.”

According to Njoroge, President Museveni is a strategist and what he called speculation or idle talk, is in the pipeline coming.

“We are going to talk but there are people who are already seated comfortably making strategies.”

NBS TV host Dalton Kaweesa said many Ugandans are like ‘Dory’, they forget a lot.

“When president Museveni says it’s idle talk, he is just looking for where to go. Judiciary is the only arm of government which is credible.”

He added: “In an ideal situation of a democratic nation, legislation is based on the aspiration of the people.”



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