Uganda will fall if Museveni carries on, says Kyalya

Kyalya and Museveni at the 2016 presidential debate

Former female presidential candidate, Maureen Kyalya Waluube, has concluded that if the ruling National Resistance Movement [NRM] insists on pushing President Yoweri Museveni to stand in 2021, they will cause Uganda’s downfall.

She was responding to Museveni’s remarks yesterday when he denied any knowledge of a proposal pushing for the removal of the presidential age limit clause.

“So if Museveni is not seeking to violate the constitutional age limit; should I conclude that NRM know there is no NRM party without Museveni and are trying to hide behind him as usual?”

She wondered if this is a chance for a new government to step in. “If this is true then that makes two of us.”

Kyalya who lost the 2016 elections says debating a need for a national unifying language is more worthwhile than debating the “eventual down fall of Uganda if the evidently tired president is forced to carry on by his weak party”.


She had earlier said most likely the law has been assented to at Museveni’s country home Rwakitura in Kiruhura district and they are finding a way of legalising it.

“And who else to confuse other than the unemployed youth. Billions would be invested by now for the same victims (the youth) to demand for their own death pill.”

She said even her appeal that if it must happen then it must be both limits will be rendered useless by the same youths having said that they are all Museveni children.

“They were born while Museveni was president, so I doubt they have a clue that Uganda was a better and more peaceful country before NRM.

She added: “I am sure their brains are filled with the baseless propaganda of how Idi Amin and Milton Obote were very bad presidents yet truth be told they were the best Uganda ever had judging their contribution against NRM destruction.”

Kyalya said she supports scrapping of the entire discriminative characteristics in the Uganda Constitution against standing for presidency; age limits, 25 million payments; Academic qualifications and everything discriminative against Ugandans.

“I doubt Ssekabaka Mutesa had any academic qualification and I am 100% sure the Queen of England does not have any certificate of education. Any Ugandan who can ably communicate should be able to contest for Presidency if they feel they have the means to traverse the country.”

She went on: “That way we shall overcome godly presidents who think they know it all; power hungry presidents who use the few educated to oppress and suppress the masses.”

According to her, if all age limits are removed, youth will be able to stand for presidency in 2021. “And if he removes just Upper age limits then we shall win a clean case against him for discriminating against the youth.”

“Why is it that it is only the new hungry MPigs who are supporting it?? Have the traditional MPs been waiting for this chance to unseat their boss?” she wondered.



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