Kabushenga apologises for ‘pubic’ New Vision typo


Vision Group chief executive officer, Robert Kabushenga, has apologised to the public for a mistake that appeared in today’s leading daily New Vision.

In the paper, “Public service” was described as “pubic service”.

“To all the readers of The New Vision: Please accept my sincere apology for the error that appeared in our headline this morning. These kinds of lapses are as embarrassing as they are unacceptable,” Kabushenga quickly said on social media.

“We have learnt our lesson and we shall be more vigilant in future. Thanks for keeping us on our toes by pointing out where we go wrong. It is one way we can improve continuously.”


He added: “We do not take your high expectations of us for granted. We therefore take all the feedback in good faith. Thank you for reading our paper critically. Best!”

He further took to his twitter handle and wrote: “Sincere apologies to all the readers of .@newvisionwire. We are terribly embarrassed about the error in our headline. Please forgive us.”

Some of the readers sympathised with Kabushenga while others remained less understanding prompting him to explain further.

“An important lesson in leadership I thought I should share: CORRECT MISTAKES. PUNISH CRIMES. The two are not the same and should never be treated the same way.”



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