Basalirwa: Uganda’s problem leaders like Museveni who don’t leave power

Jeema President Basalirwa taking some kind of solemn oath

Jeema party president Asuman Basalirwa has diagnosed Uganda’s biggest problem and concluded that it is leaders like President Yoweri Museveni who don’t want to leave power.

Basalirwa was Thursday reacting to Museveni’s statement yesterday denying knowledge of the proposed lifting of presidential age limit.

“The response President Museveni gave yesterday is the same response he gave before the removal of term limits,” Basalirwa said while appearing on NBS television.

He said this is the same movie with different actors at a different time.

“My strong opinion is that Mr Museveni is behind this debate. If nobody is restraining MPs Ibrahim Abiringa [Arua Municipality] and Simeo Nsubuga [Kassanda South] from discussing age limit, then the president is enjoying this conversation.”


He said Abiriga will not quote the constitution to explain effect of age limit; he can’t cite any provision of the law.

“The difference between the opposition and NRM in that us (opposition) are honest, genuine and realistic. Mr. Museveni constitutes a bigger part of this country’s problems.”

He accused Museveni of personalising the country saying now institutions have been clogged and there is fear in this country.

“You can’t run a country in such an atmosphere. This debate is being brought in bad; it’s actually blackmail. Is it only president Museveni to see us through these infrastructural developments?”

Historically, Uganda’s problem has been political, Basalirwa pointed out, clarifying, “Our problem has been people like president Museveni who don’t want to leave power.”

David Mafabi, Museveni’s assistant for political affairs who appeared on the same show, said the idea of constitutional review has been pending since the last term of office.

“President Museveni ‘must and should stand’, it’s necessary. He would be critical in transforming this country.”

Mafabi early this week gathered NRM members at Kati Kati restaurant in Lugogo and passed a resolution that would ensure countrywide mobilisation campaigns championing for the removal of age limit clause from the constitution.

Museveni says Museveni is still too young to leave power yet the president is on record for saying Africa’s problems were leaders who refuse to leave power.

The country has a wave of experienced leaders that should be reserved.”



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