Age limit: Youth gather signatures to remove Kakooza, Mwesigye

The youth are determined to recall their MPs from Parliament

Youth from western Uganda are collecting signatures to recall their Members of Parliament from the house for championing the removal of the presidential age limit clause.

The target MPs are James Kakooza [Kabula county] and Col Fred Mwesigye [Nyabushozi county] who attended the Kati Kati meeting in Kamapala that resolved to scrap the age limit clause and allow President Yoweri Museveni stand again in 2021 elections.

According to the document prepared by David Mafabi, Museveni’s political affairs aide, NRM members resolved at the Kati Kati symposium that Museveni has successfully led the Movement from fundamental victory to victory for more than 5 decades.

It said that the people of Uganda on 28th July 2005 voted in a referendum to restore multi-party politics, and that in this dispensation political parties and not individuals compete for political power during elections, and that their duty as NRM is to maintain the political power mandate given to them by the people of Uganda.

“That it is our duty as members of NRM in our Constitution to fight propaganda detrimental to the interests of NRM (Article 9 (2)(d) ), explain the achievements of NRM to the population (Article 9(2)(c)) and exercise the right to submit proposals or statements to the National Conference or National Executive Council (NEC) of the NRM (Article 9(1)(f)).”


It adds: “The leadership of the NRM urgently initiates wide consultations of its membership on land right matters, as well as urge and mobilize Ugandans to participate and cooperate with the Commission of Inquiry into land matters set up by the President of the Republic of Uganda in 2016, in order to contribute to a comprehensive national consensus Ugandans on land matters.”

It strengthened the resolve of NRM members to keep their party in power during the 2021 elections by lobbing the National Chairperson of the NRM, the Secretary General of the NRM, National Executive Council (NEC) and Central Executive Committee (CEC) of the NRM, etc to advise members of the NRM Parliamentary Caucus on removing the clause.

Youth take action

Led by the Secretary General of the Kabula Zukuka pressure group, Twesigye Faluku, the youth in Lyantonde district have so far gathered more than 400 signatures to remove Hon. Kakooza from Parliament.

“We accuse our legislator who has almost served 20 years as the MP representing Kabula constituency to have always been on Parliamentary podium targeting his goal of becoming a political parasite,” Faluku said.

This youth team is comprised of; Mugenyi Semanda of Democratic Party Uganda (DP), deputised by Rwamurinda Matsiko Brian of National Resistance Movement – NRM, Twesigye Faluku of National Resistance Movement – NRM is the general Secretary and Ssekandi Paul, the publicity general deputised by Kayima Godfrey of National Resistance Movement – NRM.

The youth say of all the years Kakooza has been in leadership, he has never done anything to serve the interests of his people especially the youth.

He only fought the removal term limits in 2005 and later failed the young on Youth livelihood Programmes [YLP].

“It’s good our president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who has served our nation diligently. We honour his services and that is why this pressure group is here to defend his reputation among Ugandans,” the youth noted.

The youth said they are concerned about Museveni’s well-being after presidency, hence must protect the constitution of Uganda 102(b) so as to protect him.

“We are strongly against the amendment of the above article which has not been tested. It’s time now to call all Ugandans in particular the people of Kabula Constituency to rally behind us in the interest of defending the constitution of Uganda as per 1995.”

The youth are rallying stakeholders including the religious leaders, cultural leaders, political leaders and others to step in and maintain the stability of Uganda even after the current president.

Case of Col Mwesigye 

Meanwhile, they accuse Nyabushozi county MP Mwesigye of also joining the clique [Arua MP Ibrahim Abiriga, Kassanda South MP Simeo Nsubuga and privatisation minister, Evelyn Anite, among others] that wants to scrap the age limit.

Elusive Uganda social media critic, Tom Voltaire Okwalinga aka TVO wondered how someone like Mwesigye “who stole Shs44 billion of taxpayers’ money can head the age limit cause removal”.

“A renown public funds swindler who misappropriated the funds allocated to UPDF company NEC, and who was involved in a cement deal in which he colluded with one Indian Rwawal Rajesh Kumar and swindled 44 billion, is now the person heading the Museveni life presidency,” TVO lashed out.

He said Mwesigye is now the one who is controlling the funds that are being used to “bribe a number of Ugandans” to support the “defilement of our constitution”.

“He is Uganda’s enemy number one and somehow. He will be handled in a not so kind way pretty soon,” TVO warned.



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