We can’t trust parliament but I miss it-Ken Lukyamuzi

Hon Ken Lukyamuzi

Conservative Party president, Hon Ken Lukyamuzi says when it comes to the presidential age limit debate, Ugandans should not trust their parliamentarians.

Lukyamuzi aka ‘The Man’ was discussing the country’s state of affairs Wednesday morning on NBS television.

He said to understand the politics of Uganda, one must understand its environmental aspects.

Conservative Party is equally concerned with the constitutional mess President Museveni and his people are causing, he said.

“After what happened in 2005, we can’t trust Parliament,” Lukyamuzi stated, referring to the MPs who were bribed with Shs5m to scrap term limits and let Museveni rule of life.


“The best President Museveni and his people can do is not to touch the constitution,” warned Lukyamuzi , the former MP Rubaga South.

He added: “I didn’t go underground, I have been writing in newspapers about Ugandan politics and I miss Parliament as an activator and what is happening now doesn’t please me at all.”

In his recent letter on by-elections, Museveni said the ruling NRM government had defeated tribal and ethnic politics, the reason why Lukyamuzi lost his seat to comedian Kato Lubwama.

“That is how the likes of Kato Lubwama were able to retire the likes of Kenny Lukyamuzi who was the epitome of that type of politics,” Museveni wrote.



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