Ogwal calls Museveni smart foul player

Hon.Cecilia Ogwal

Cecilia Barbara Atim Ogwal, commonly known as Cecilia Ogwal, the Member of Parliament for the Dokolo District Women’s Constituency, has warned President Yoweri Museveni against stretching his term of office.

“Unlimited term of office is an enemy to good governance, unlimited age is also an enemy to good governance,” she said Wednesday morning while appearing on NBS television.

She added: “President Museveni has one unique character, he is a very smart foul player.”

Ogwal said Museveni is very smart in calculating mind-set of people and how he can play the game.

“To be fair, if you want to compare integrity and commitment, you can’t start with the CA.”


She blamed the NRM regime for introducing two dangerous elements in politics; commercialisation and militarisation of politics.

“Once they give government power to control land, how sure are you that government will not give it to the people they want?”

On the scrapping of the presidential age limit, Ogwal believes the Constitute Assembly (CA) was well constituted.

“We felt the issue of age wouldn’t be a debatable matter. At that time, the people would were articulate at age limit were targeting Milton Obote.”

She said it is very easy to diagnose things after understanding the behaviour of someone.

“We wanted to avoid military junta. We put the delegates to represent the military so they don’t over run the government.”

If the clause is removed as suggested by NRM MPs, Museveni who will be 76 years in 2021, will take part in the general elections and retain his presidency.



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