I’ve no idea, Museveni dismisses age limit talk

President Museveni addressing press

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has dismissed the age limit debate that has raised dust among academic and political circles bringing Members of Parliament into loggerheads with the electorate.

The proposal to amend the constitution and scrap the presidential age limit is being championed by ruling NRM MPs with the intention of allowing Museveni stand again in 2021 elections.

While addressing media about the forthcoming Giants Club Conservation and Tourism Investment Forum in Uganda on Wednesday, Museveni wondered what proposal people are debating saying he was not aware.

“Age limit – What are you debating? Who has brought the proposal?” Museveni threw back the question asked by journalists.

The president was then reminded that his own Private Secretary/Political Affairs in State House, David Mafabi, had already announced a campaign to rally the country to scrap the age limit clause from the constitution.


“Mafabi…if he made a statement it must be because of the provocations by the indisciplined group,” Museveni said.

But Mafabi who gathered National Resistance Movement (NRM) party members at Kati Kati Restaurant Lugogo in Kampala on Tuesday did not look like someone provoked but rather a determined aide.

Mafabi assured the public that his group would move countrywide to promote the proposal to remove the presidential age limit by amending Article 102 (b) of the Constitution which does not allow a person above 75 years to contest for presidency.

Mafabi coordinated the meeting attended by NRM youth leaders, academicians and MPs, pro-age limit legislators Simeo Nsubuga of Kassanda South, Kabule county MP James Kakooza and Col. Fred Mwesigye of Nyabushozi County.

He criticised those who claim they have no opinion on the contentious issue especially MPs, saying not just upper age limits, even lower age limits need to be revised to get more young people involved.

Dubbed #Agenda102b, Mafabi said this discussion shouldn’t be about Museveni and that “We should stop intimidating MPs because of constitutional amendments they’re threatened on radio and stopped to speak”.

He said 196 states in the world do not have upper age limits because the people have to be sensitised on all this.

Museveni who will make 73 years this year will be 76 during the 2021 presidential elections yet Mafabi says at 75 years, biologically the person is becoming weak but ideologically is far way compared to many others.

In his response today, Museveni asked Ugandans not to “waste time with people who don’t have what to do”.

“I have heard them, but I am busy with my work. One says are you going to handle it by referendum? That is speculation. I don’t deal with speculation,” he explained.

He said this was part of the speculative rumourmongering going on around the country.

“I hear there is a debate about age limit or what. What are you debating? Who has brought the proposal? Which proposal are you debating?”



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