Youth burn NRM t-shirts in age limit protest


Police on Tuesday arrested two more youths while protesting against the proposed constitutional amendment to lift the presidential age limit.

The youth led by a one Robinson Wabulembo were picked from Mutasa Kafeero plaza, along Luwum Street in downtown Kampala.

They were found burning the ruling National Resistance Movement [NRM] party t-shirts, grabbed and rushed to Central Police Station [CPS] where they were detained.

While burning the t-shirts, the youth were chanting “Museveni must go. His time is over and no one should tamper with the Constitution.”

Wabulembo says they are tired of the NRM government and its attempts to keep President Yoweri Museveni in power until he dies in office.


The youth also accuse government officials of corruption saying it manifests in Members of Parliament who take bribes to make decisions that don’t help the common people.

On Monday, four youth were arrested in Kawempe while attempting to march to parliament to present a petition to the speaker in protest of scrapping the presidential age limit clause.



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