Tamale: Only selfish people want Museveni to stay in power

Tamale Mirundi

Presidential advisor on media matters, Tamale Mirundi, says no one would want President Yoweri Museveni to stay in power unless it was for a personal gain.

“You cannot support the president to stay in power unless you are selfish,” Mirundi said while appearing on NBS TV Tuesday morning.

“The only reason I support Museveni to stay in power is if he leaves, I have to flee,” Mirundi confessed.

The outspoken president’s dog said he has not invested in the opposition and would never stay in the country if Museveni fell from power.

“They [opposition] are mafias. I support Museveni for my security.”


He added: “If Museveni left power, you would see big men fleeing the country because they would be raided by the mafias in the opposition.”

Speaking on the constitution that says that after 75, one is not allowed to be a president, Mirundi said the same constitution calls for amendments.

“If the constitution is made without mistakes, what will the next generation correct/amend?” he wondered.

His remarks came on the heels of fears expressed by National Resistance Movement [NRM] electoral commission chairman, Tanga Odoi, who thinks the discussion on scrapping the presidential age limit could have come up at the wrong time.

“I for one, I feel that even when we have to discuss the age limit, the timing is wrong,” Tanga said on Monday night while appearing on a local television, NBS TV.

“Let’s first see what comes. If there any changes to be made in constitution. Let’s also not block change of the constitution when it’s wanted because you think it will only benefit an individual,” Tanga appealed.

Kilak North MP Hon. Anthony Akol, on the other hand, believes all this ‘age limit’ debate is based on one individual, President Museveni.

He says if the retirement age is 60 and the president is given 75, there is need to understand the concept behind it.

“Even as we talk about the current president and follow how government has been performing, you feel there is a problem. Age has an effect.”

James Kakooza, the Member of Parliament for Kabula County in Lyantonde district insists on the importance and urgency of the age limit bill that will allow Museveni stand in 2021 elections.

“I think the ‘age limit’ debate which is in the public domain is important because people want to know destiny of the country,” Kakooza said Monday night while appearing on NBS television.

According to Kakooza, discussing is about the age limit is very healthy because it is healthy for people to know about the destiny of their country.

“The destiny of the country belongs to the public and not one individual,” he pointed out, explaining that if people are suffocated from discussing about the destiny of their country, “then that’s not democracy”.



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