Museveni at 72 is too young to leave power, says Mafabi

Illustration credit Kwizera

President Yoweri Museveni who is now aged 72 is still too young to leave power, according to David Mafabi, the Private Secretary/Political Affairs in State House.

Mafabi reached this conclusion on Tuesday in a gathering of National Resistance Movement (NRM) party members at Kati Kati Restaurant Lugogo in Kampala.

The members resolved to embark on countrywide campaign to promote the proposal to remove the presidential age limit by amending Article 102 (b) of the Constitution which does not allow a person above 75 years to contest for presidency.

Mafabi who coordinated the meeting attended by NRM youth leaders, academicians and MPs, resolved that the NRM party should remove the age limit to allow President Yoweri Museveni continue leading the country beyond 2021.

Pro-age limit legislators Simeo Nsubuga of Kassanda South, Kabule county MP James Kakooza and Col. Fred Mwesigye of Nyabushozi County were confident that the age limit will be lifted by any means necessary.


Addressing the gathering, Mafabi said the movement people should have strong positions on all these matters.

He criticised those who claim they have no opinion on the contentious issue especially MPs, saying not just upper age limits, even lower age limits need to be revised to get more young people involved.

Dubbed #Agenda102b, Mafabi said this discussion shouldn’t be about Museveni and that “We should stop intimidating MPs because of constitutional amendments they’re threatened on radio and stopped to speak”.

He said 196 states in the world do not have upper age limits because the people have to be sensitised on all this.

David Mafabi

“With President Museveni at 72 years, he is very young,” Mafabi pointed out, explaining that at 75 years, biologically the person is becoming weak but ideologically is far way compared to many others.

Museveni who will make 73 years this year will be 76 during the 2021 presidential elections.

“At 75, Museveni will be still young and can lead the country,” Mafabi noted saying the fixation of former presidential candidate, Kizza Besigye, that Constitution cannot be amended should be rubbished because a Constitution is a living document.

“Our carders should not be left to be intimidated. This is unacceptable. We shall organise and respond to that.”

“We should serve a revolutionary package,” says Mafabi, citing Museveni as such revolutionary.

He gave an example of Harry Lee Kuan Yew CH GCMG SPMJ, commonly referred to by his initials LKY, the first Prime Minister of Singapore, governing for three decades saying he wasn’t thrown out immediately by Singapore.

“He stayed in positions of power to mentor the young.”

Mafabi says the opposition is intimidating MPs following them around and shouting at them but that Article 102b isn’t about Museveni and that it will be discussed in Parliament only that NRM MPs are being intimidated.

“I will circulate this document that I will read after two days and there is a big reason why I’m not doing that now,” he vowed.



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