MP Centenary: Museveni letter to Bobi Wine childish

Museveni greets Bobi Wine at Late John Ssebana Kizito funeral

Robert Centenary, the Member of Parliament for Kasese district has described a letter written by President Yoweri Museveni on the concluded by-elections as childish and unnecessary.

“It was rather childish and unnecessary,” Centenary commented on Museveni’s letter to Robert Kyagulanyi, the new MP Kyadondo East constituency.

Centenary who analysing the Museveni/Kyagulanyi missive on NBS TV Tuesday, said President Museveni needn’t have stated that the NRM has won in all the other constituencies apart from Kyadondo and the like.

Host: Is the president angry about the outcome from Kyadondo?

Centenary: Yes he is angry. But his anger is misplaced.


Host: What do you make of the ‘President Museveni/Bobi Wine’ exchange?

Centenary: The President falters the media for being the problem and never the solution. However, you cannot, the media is doing its role.

Host: Was President Museveni writing to express his opinion or to further assert the strength of the NRM?

Centenary: He was doing the latter. Kyadondo is a major constituency, therefore for the NRM to lose it to an independent candidate is a big blow.

Host: What do you make of Bobi Wine’s response to the President?

Centenary: Museveni deserved it. You do not fight against young ones unless you are joking. Bobi Wine’s response showed maturity instead.

Host: Is Bobi Wine being courteous in launching an attack on the President?

Centenary: He has always been in opposition to the NRM.

Host: Is he the only one that has been consistent in opposition?

Centenary: No. We have also been in opposition.

Host: Is Bobi Wine being overzealous in lashing out at the President Museveni?

Centenary: Kyagulanyi is carrying a huge burden of representing the ghetto youths that voted. It is hard to fully fulfil your pledges to the constituency being just a member of parliament because it requires policy changes.

Host: Between these two missives, who is most credible?

Centenary: In my view, Bobi Wine is. We grew up being told that we are the leaders of tomorrow and tomorrow is today. It is time for us to be part of governance.

In his response to Museveni, Bobi Wine told the ageing president to retire peacefully and late the young people take up the destiny of the country.

Bobi Wine further reminded Museveni who is used to winning that times are changing and he ought to accept that fact.



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