Lumumba fulfils ‘state will kill your children’ promise

A cartoon of NRM SG Lumumba making a pledge to Ugandan parents that the state would kill their children [Credit: Daily Monitor cartoonist Chris Ogon]

While President Yoweri Museveni continues to face severe criticism over piling unfulfilled pledges made over the years across the country, his NRM party’s secretary general, Justine Kasule Lumumba, has proved quite an asset when it comes to fulfilling her promises.

In February 2016, Lumumba told Ugandan fathers and mothers to beware and keep their children out of protests against the general elections, saying the state would kill them.

On Monday, Lumumba set out to fulfil this promise when she knocked dead a young graduate and instead blamed the girl for “ramming into her car” and damaging it.

Jane Namara [Frances], a graduate of Kyambogo University, was killed by Lumumba’s convoy escorted by a lead police car in Kajjansi along Entebbe road.

While presiding over the launch of NRM campaigns in Wakiso District at Nsangi sub-county headquarters last year, Lumumba warned parents:

Victoria University

“When President Museveni, the chief fighter, is still seated on the throne, whatever they are planning, tell them the government of NRM is not going anywhere!”

She went on: “Don’t send your children to bring chaos in Kampala and cause confusion during elections or disrupt peace in the country. Government will handle you…. you will be shot.”

Lumumba was not done yet, she reiterated: “The state will kill your children if they come to disorganise and destabilise the peace and security in Kampala and Wakiso.”

At the start of the week, Lumumba kept this promise when she took the life of Namara, a resident of Lweza and daughter of late Major Kahangye who died in a road accident in Djibouti.

She was pursuing her Masters degree at Uganda Management Institute [UMI].

Rogers Mulindwa, the NRM Communications Officer, said Namara was talking on phone when she “reluctantly rammed into Lumumba’s car and damaged it in front” while the SG escaped without visible injuries.

Ugandans have since been wondering on social media how a pedestrian knocks a car and damages it.

Instead of mourning the dead graduate, Ugandans sent “quick recovery” messages to Lumumba’s vehicle once it starts undergoing repairs.



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