Winnie, Besigye host US envoy, ask Museveni to retire

Winnie, Malac, Besigye and other guests at Kasangati

Oxfam international executive director, Winnie Byanyima‏ and her husband also former presidential candidate, Kizza Besigye, over the weekend hosted the US ambassador to Uganda, Deborah Malac, at their home in Kasangati Wakiso district.

Winnie said the couple was honoured to host Malac, Fida executive director, Irene Ovonji, Hon Geoffrey Ekanya and Oxfam coordinator Peter Kamalingin.

“We share thoughts on pathways towards economic and political inclusion,” Winnie said after the meeting.

Earlier last week, Winnie addressed press at her home where she acknowledged President Yoweri Museveni was a hero who has served his time but must retire.


“We must help President Museveni to have a safe transition, lead a safe transition and leave power as a hero that he is,” Winnie told press.

She said Museveni has done some great things but must lead his country and his party to have a smooth transition.

“He has been our leader for a very long time and he has shaped this country in many ways positively.”

She added: “He has turned the economy around. He worked with the Movement to bring about some democratic changes. He put us on a path of stable governance.”

According to Winnie, it is now time for Museveni to let another leader take over.

She castigated the ruling NRM party members who are championing the removal of the age limit clause in the Constitution so that Museveni contests again in 2021 elections.

President Museveni is now aged 73 and will be 77 in 2021, making him ineligible for another term, Winnie observed, adding that it would be unfortunate for the Constitution to be amended to benefit just an individual.

“He really has the key to this because he has a political party that is dominant in Parliament, he is always able to convene his party caucus and ask them to vote a particular way or another.”

She went on: “The people, who are proposing the lifting of the age limit, are supporters of his political party and members of his political party, so he can convene his party and tell them he has no interest. He can tell the country that he feels it is time for him to retire.”

Addressing press on the same day, Besigye rallied Ugandans to stop Museveni from abrogating the constitution so as to achieve a smooth transition of power.

Besigye said as long as Museveni has power, he will always change the constitution to suit his own ends.

According to Besigye, the only solution is to break Museveni’s power and swap the rule f the gun by rule of law to return the power to the people.



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