Rwomushana: Sudhir intelligence asset of this criminal state

Sudhir Ruparelia

Charles Rwomushana has revealed that Sudhir Ruparelia was an asset of President Yoweri Museveni’s intelligence system.

Rwomushana, a former head of political intelligence desk at State House, was appearing on NBS television Monday where he announced: “Sudhir has been an asset of the intelligence of this criminal state and those are normally destroyed.”

Sudhir Ruparelia is a Ugandan business magnate and investor. He is the chairman and majority shareholder in the companies of the Ruparelia Group.

“But he is hard to destroy because he is smarter and is willing to trade their crimes in exchange for his security,” stated Rwomushana, a former internal security intelligence [ISO] spy.

Host: Is Sudhir the face of the Asians?


Rwomushana: Yes, he could be. Initially, Sudhir was the representative of the criminal state.

Host: Is Sudhir a threat to security?

Rwomushana: Yes, yes ofcourse.

Investigations expert, Fred Egesa, who was appearing on the same show, wondered if there is an invisible hand that has been pushing Sudhir to do what Ugandans are seeing and hearing.

“If this hand is existent, then whose hand is it? These are the questions we should seek to find answers to,” Egesa pointed.

Host: Is there a case where Sudhir is involved going to excite the nation?

Egesa: It will depend on the repercussions he faces.

Host: Depending on the sensitivity of this case, do you think the CID is capable of handling it or will we need a foreign forensic team?

Egesa: We do not need a forensic team. Uganda is capable of handling this case. It is not even a broad case. It is finding out how much money was lost.

The debate came at a time Bank of Uganda (BoU) reportedly suspended Ernst & Young audit firm from auditing any commercial banks in the country this year over the recent Crane Bank fraud where it’s alleged that Sudhir siphoned Shs400bn from the bank to different companies and individuals.

The decision to suspend Ernst & Young was taken after a forensic audit showed the firm’s staff had helped the bank hide critical information from other auditors and the regulators.

Ernst & Young will not be allowed to audit any commercial bank, credit institutions, microfinance and deposit-taking institutions (MDIs), forex bureaus and money remitters in Uganda this year.

Sudhir is currently battling a court case in which the central bank demands that he refunds all the money stolen from Crane bank before it was put under receivership.



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