Police crashes Bobi fan testicles, makes him impotent


A video of Uganda police force beating up a supporter of Kyadondo MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has emerged, causing many to shed a tear.

The horrendous experience was recorded by NTV Uganda on June 29, 2017.

Patrick Sande, the victim, accuses police of maiming him during clashes with Bobi’s supporters in the concluded Kyadondo East by-election.

The clashes occurred when angry voters stormed Kasangati guest house where it was alleged NRM members had hidden pre-ticked ballot papers for their candidate, Sitenda Sebalu.

Sande, a construction worker and father of three, was brutally arrested by police officers who beat him and stepped on his private parts, injuring them seriously.


“They wrestled me down. I was carried to a certain small room where I was locked and tortured. They kicked me in the private parts, squeezed them and injured them,” Sande told NTV.

He was detained at Kira Division Police Station for two nights without a meal or access to his family members until Bobi rescued him and took him to Capital Health Clinic in Kasangati.

According to doctors who treated the victim, Sande complained of chest and abdomen pains, was urinating blood and cannot sire children again.

At the start of this month, police officers were arrested for shooting and injuring students of Kacheera High School in Rakai district.

The injured students were; Jackie Ahimbisibwe of Senior 3, Hassan Namara of Senior 2 and Boaz Ssewanja who is also in Senior 2.

Namara was specifically shot in his private parts, injuring them severely during a Monday strike protesting the suspension of Fred Ssebowa, a teacher at the school.

Police shot Hassan Magara in the groin area injuring him severely while Jackie Ahimbisibwe and Boaz Ssewanja were shot in the thighs.

Bullets were still stuck in their thighs at the time medical officials at Lyantonde hospital referred them to Mulago hospital in Kampala.



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