Kakooza: Ugandans need age limit bill for democracy

MP James Kakooza

James Kakooza, the Member of Parliament for Kabula County in Lyantonde district has insisted on the importance and urgency of the age limit bill that will allow President Yoweri Museveni stand in 2021 elections.

“I think the ‘age limit’ debate which is in the public domain is important because people want to know destiny of the country,” Kakooza said Monday night while appearing on NBS television.

According to Kakooza, discussing is about the age limit is very healthy because it is healthy for people to know about the destiny of their country.

“The destiny of the country belongs to the public and not one individual,” he pointed out, explaining that if people are suffocated from discussing about the destiny of their country, “then that’s not democracy”.

“People think that we are changing for Museveni but he has not come to say he is going to contest,” he said and then wondered: “How do you know that even NRM party is going to front another president?”


Last week, Kakooza told press at parliament that the more the debate is postponed, the more it affects Museveni’s preparation for 2021 elections.

Kakooza appealed to Speaker Rebecca Kadaga to allow legislators debate the Constitutional Amendment Bill 2017 “freely”.

“No one has a right to stop the public debate on age limit,” Kakooza said, clarifying that “If the public wants to debate it and it is in the constitution, that is their right. You should let them.”

Kakooza who was among the MPs that moved the 7th Parliament to lift the presidential term limit from the constitution in 2005, recently said President Museveni should be left to rule until he dies.

He now says while it is important to allow anyone above 18 years to stand for an elective position, there are still people above 75 years who can should be allowed a chance at the presidency.

Museveni, who turns 73 later this year, will be 76 years by 2021 but Kakooza argues that if the law allows voters aged 75 years and above to vote, it should allow Museveni also to be voted.



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