Video: Turkey failed coup terror plotters hiding in Kampala  

A man waves a Turkish flag from a car roof during a July 16 march

Turkey has cautioned the government of Uganda to beware of criminal elements serving an international organisation who have established their new bases in the capital Kampala.

The revelation was made by the Turkish ambassador to Uganda, Sedef Yavuzalp, while speaking to NBS television as the country marks a year after a failed coup attempt.

Sedef says Kampala is a host to a terrorist organisation that carried out a failed coup in Turkey a year ago.

Turkey is holding a series of events on today, Saturday to celebrate the first anniversary of the defeat of last year’s failed coup attempt, as it sacked thousands of officials in the latest crackdown.

Ankara declared July 15 – the day of the failed coup attempt – an annual national holiday of “democracy and unity”, billing the foiling of the putsch as a historic victory of Turkish democracy.


At least 249 people, not including the plotters, were killed when a faction in the army sent tanks into the streets and war planes into the sky in a violent bid to overthrow President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

At least 50,000 people have been arrested and more than 100,000 have been dismissed from services over the past year.

The Turkish ambassador now says currently, a group of terrorists who masterminded the failed coup have since found their foothold in Uganda from where they will launch new attacks around the world.

She said the members of this terror group established institutions in Uganda to lobby funds and kick off their activities.

“It [organisation] has its own media, judiciary and academia. It has invested in schools, built hospitals and runs its own businesses,” Sedef says.

Turkey has thus warned Uganda against continued hosting of the terrorist group otherwise it would jeopardise its security.

The warning comes days after Uganda’s Counter Terrorism team had just returned from the Interpolice exhibition in Kenya where it showcased drills and skill display in relation to upbeat methods of flushing out terrorists on planes and other sensitive spots by the East African police community.

The counter terrorism directorate is the lead Ugandan law enforcement entity charged with investigating, disrupting and responding to terrorist incidents in Uganda.

The Elite Counter Terrorism Police is famed for tactical rescue mission of people held hostage by terrorists or such entities.

This week, the country commemorated 7 years since July 11 Kampala bombings where 84 people were killed at Kyadondo Rugby Club.

On this day in 2010, at least 86 people, many of whom were football fans watching the final of the World Cup, were killed in two separate yet coordinated Al Shabaab-claimed blasts at Kyadondo Rugby Club and the Ethiopian Village Restaurant.



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