Museveni lost touch, Bobi tells BBC presidential dream  

Bobi Wine and Barbie arrive at Parliament for his swearing in ceremony

Ghetto President and new Kyadondo East MP, Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, says Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni is out of touch with the people.

Bobi Wine, who claims to be “King of the Ghetto,” thinks the man who took over as Uganda’s President in the 1980’s, would have a “bitter fight” with the Yoweri Museveni of today.

“The Museveni of 1986 came preaching fundamental change to the people but now he stands for no change,” Bobi Wine told BBC’s Vivienne Nunis.

“He talked of leaders overstaying in power but now he has spent 31 years and continuing,” the singer pointed out.

He also shared his hopes for change in Uganda that will provide opportunities for young people, who do not have a job.


“The people want to see me be different from the other politicians, they want me to represent them.”

AUDIO: Bobi Wine says Uganda’s president is out of touch

Asked if he was the new change in Africa, the singer said: “I would not want to look at me as a new change but us the young generation. This is a new way.”

Asked how he would ensure this new change happens, Bobi said he would stand for the issues to encourage young people who have been lacking confidence. “Am glad it’s working.”

On being the president of Uganda one day, Bobi says he wants to represent people first and won’t cross the bridge he hasn’t reached.

“I’m already a president. I’m the Ghetto president. People just gave me a responsibility to represent them in parliament and that’s what I want to do for now.”

Bobi recently promised he would make his wife, Barbara Itungo aka Barbie Kyagulanyi a first Lady.

He says currently President Museveni has too much people which must be reduced.

“There is so much rule of the gun than rule of law.”



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