Kayihura denies age limit ban, sacks guards, names dream team

Gen. Kale Kayihura (C) inspects a guard of honour at a passing out

The Inspector General of Police, Gen Kale Kayihura, has denied ever uttering statements banning the discussion of the presidential age limit bill in universities as reported by media.

Asan Kasingye‏, the police spokesman, was the first to dismiss the statements which Kayihura made in Mbarara after the arrest of three youth who buried President Yoweri Museveni alive while protesting the Constitutional Amendment Bill 2017.

“Not true. IGP never uttered such a statement or ‘ban’. He only advised those convening public demonstrations to follow the law,” Kasingye said in a tweet Friday.

“They quoted IGP. He says no. Believe him,” Kasingye entreated tweeps, explaining that in communication, the chief spokesperson of an institution is the chief executive officer and that IGP is CEO of the Police.


“So, I speak on his behalf,” Kasingye noted before releasing a full statement in defence of Kayihura who was being bashed on social media for playing “his usual partisan politics”.

The report said Kayihura had banned the debates on age limit bill in Mbarara, Kabale and Bishop Stuart universities.

According to Kasingye, police respects the integrity of tertiary institutions which support and nurture expressive activities by learners.

Kayihura names dream team

Separately, Kayihura instituted a new task force team to handle all case files mismanaged in different units of the force.

The team headed by Detective Senior Superintendent of Police, Mark Odong, will handle other related assignments as shall be assigned by the Inspector General of Police.

Other members of the team include; D/SP Taban Kinga,D/ASP Benon Ayebare Emmanuel, D/ASP Hassan Kalenget, D/AIP Amdan Twesigye, D/AIP Geoffrey Omune, D/AIP Odyek Benard, D/AIP Manyindo Annet,D/AIP Claire Khisa, D/AIP Nakku, D/AIP Mpamizo,  D/AIP Walya Paulo, D/C Richard Twego, D/C Daniel Mokoso and No 58522PC Assimwe Slyivia.

Sacks bodyguards

Meanwhile, another report suggests that Kayihura recently uncovered a plot by the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) to harm during his upcountry visits.

The police chief responded swiftly, firing 22 guards from counter terrorism department who have been guarding his l home in Muyenga.

This team also responsible for his convoy and headed by AIP Bamwine is reported to have been infiltrated by the enemy.

He will now be guarded by the elite Special Forces Command [SFC] which protects the president, first lady, vice president and key security installations.

Kayihura’s fears are justified considering the former police spokesperson, Andrew Felix Kaweesi, was assassinated just this year.




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