Councillors attack as Musisi blocks Lukwago money

Mr Lukwago and Ms Musisi shake hands after appearing before the parliamentary Local Government Committee recently

Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) councillors have expressed their disappointment at city authority directors after the latter snubbed a consultative meeting with landlords in Kampala over skyrocketing rent fares.

Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago had summoned landlords in Kampala to explain why they have been increasing rent in the city following complaints from tenants.

According to Uganda Radio Network [UNR], the meeting convened on Tuesday, however, none of the directors who were invited, including Jennifer Musisi the executive director, turned up.

People with Disabilities councillor Murshid Buwembo raised the issue which was reinforced by Deputy Lord Mayor Sarah Kanyike who chaired today’s council meeting saying that councillors need technical guidance from directors.

Nakawa One councillor Moses Mugisha Okwera argued that technical input in the matter regarding rent increment is critical because it will have implications on KCCA, tenants in the city as well as land lords.


Nakawa Two councillor Kenneth Okello said it has become a habit for KCCA technocrats to snub meetings called by Council.

“It has almost become a norm that each time when we call consultative meetings, the technical people abscond. I would like us to re-emphasise this that the consultative meetings are the basis for which we make decisions. It would be nice if we have our technical team alongside political leadership doing consultations,” he said.

Lukwago, Musisi collide with over Lord Mayor’s emoluments

Meanwhile, Daily Monitor reports that Lukwago will have to wait a little longer before he can smile to the bank after KCCA executive director Jennifer Musisi once again dismissed his demands as “illegal”.

Musisi’s latest position on the matter is contained in an affidavit she filed in court on June 14, blocking Lukwago’s salary arrears.

The affidavit was against Lukwago’s court application on the same issue. Musisi insists that it would be illegal to pay Lukwago’s salary arrears yet there is an impending appeal against Justice Lydia Mugambe’s ruling which ordered payment of the same.

Musisi further stated that the Attorney General has previously explained to Lukwago why government can’t pay his salary arrears.

“… that by reason of the matters aforesaid, I verily believe that the applicant herein is not presently entitled to any payments whatsoever,” the affidavit reads in part.

However, she noted that if the matter is disposed of in favour of Lukwago, KCCA shall settle all his salary arrears.

The news of the affidavit has angered Mr Lukwago, who in view of that, withdrew from chairing yesterday’s council meeting at City Hall.

Lukwago is demanding Shs563m in salary arrears.

In March, Lukwago dragged KCCA to court, together with Musisi, the Minister for Kampala, Beti Kamya, and the Attorney General seeking payment of his salary emoluments of 30 months he spent out of office following his impeachment in 2012.

Source: Monitor/URN



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