2 arrested, 7 hurt in Old Kampala SS strike

Red Cross and police officers at Old Kampala SS

Uganda Red Cross‏ on Friday rushed to Old Kampala Secondary School to save lives after students were injured in violent clashes with Uganda police.

Police and Red Cross Action Team members were seen on standby at Old Kampala SS for any eventualities resulting from students’ strike at the school.

Two students have been arrested and detained at Old Kampala Police Station while seven were treated with minor injuries.

The students staged a strike on Friday morning after learning that their head teacher, Azidah Ntegane Nsubuga, was being transferred to another school.

Police rushed to the school and opened fire at the students who were vandalising school property.

Victoria University

John Alitaha, Nabirah Nakyanzi, Richard Malema, and Allan Semakalu were injured when police fired live bullets at them.



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