Prof Bukenya: No referendum, Museveni must go

Prof. Gilbert Bukenya talks to journalist Nesta Kayongo

Former Vice President, Gilbert Bukenya, says President Yoweri Museveni has ruled enough and it is time for him to leave power.

The heat for the Constitutional Amendment Bill 2017 reached its peak at the close of last week as ruling party NRM MPs sought to amend the constitution and scrap the presidential age limit so Museveni can stand again in 2021 elections.

On Monday, Bukenya whose political career abruptly came to its death bed a few years ago, told Robert Nestrooy Kayongo, a political and investigative journalist at BBS television, that he had had enough of Museveni leadership.

When Kayongo asked the former VP to comment on the age limit debate on Monday, Bukenya replied: “Enough is enough for Museveni”.

He added: “He [Museveni] must go. No amendments, no referendum.”


A tweep who calls himself, The forgiving one‏ [@Bit20200], quickly interjected saying what “after what he [Bukenya] did in TDA, I can never trust him together with his friend Nasser [Ntege Ssebagala, former Kampala mayor and presidential advisor]”.

“They are out to disorganise opposition activities. That guy is a big snake. I bet his doing that on behalf of his boss,” the tweep noted.

“I advise NRM MPs to reject that proposal because it would be constitutionalizing dictatorship. When a person reaches 75 years he begins to experience mental retardation (dementia),” Bukenya said in February, 2015.

History of treachery and political prostitution

Later in the same year, opposition political parties came together under The Democratic Alliance (TDA) promising to uproot Museveni in the 2016 elections.

Bukenya, Ssebagala and former Prime Minister, Amama Mbabazi, joined the alliance soon as they had parted ways with Museveni.

Just when the alliance had finalised its strategies on how to defeat Museveni, Ssebagala pulled out of the presidential race while Bukenya announced he had crossed back to the ruling NRM party and pledging to support Museveni.

Speaking on Independence Day Friday 09, 2015 at his home in Kakiri, Wakiso district, Bukenya said Mbabazi and himself had been closer to Museveni than many of those who are now blindly supporting his ‘life presidency’.

“TDA was poisoned and people who are there are very greedy. President Museveni has the right qualifications to lead this country,” he said.

Bukenya who was then lambasted for selfishness, unreliability and political prostitution now claims to be against the scrapping of the presidential age limit.


A social media critic, Maverick Blutaski Shaka who was once mistakenly arrested as the elusive Tom Voltaire Okwalinga aka TVO, remembers in 2003, as VP of Uganda, when Bukenya launched the removal of Presidential Term Limits while on his Upland Rice Project in Fort Portal.

Prof. Bukenya in his calculations saw himself as a potential beneficiary since as Vice President, his boss had convinced him that he was left a few years to go take care of his cattle in Rwakitura, writes Shaka.

Like Jaberi Bidandi Ssali and Amama Mbabazi had been duped in 2001, their support for removal of term limits was based on their assumption that they had a chance to be direct beneficiaries as President.

Each one of them there after tried to take the man they had helped entrench in power with little success.

Shaka says instead their former Boss used each one of them against the other with Mbabazi flooring Gilbert Bukenya and in turn the boss using Gen. Kayihura to neutralise Mbabazi.

“The closest, the former VP has never even tried to appear on the ballot at all except speculating into Katomi Hotel business.  All are now into forced political retirement with a small pension check.”

According to Shaka, ironically, like all the other speculators, Kayihura who neutralised Mbabazi has his political neck on the chopping block. Their boss struggled to shrug off Bukenya until an opportunity came to visit Luzira and he was done.

“The moral of the story: You don’t support a cause out of self but public interest,” the man from Kabulasoke concludes.



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