Our economic destiny is in our hands, says OWC publicist

OWC PRO Maj Nkojo tries out a dance at an event

On June 9, 2013 another phase of social economic transformation was embarked on when Operation Wealth Creation [OWC] was initiated, says Major James Nkojo, the project’s public relations officer.

“We can look at the past without bitterness and the future with our eyes open, ready to take on new ventures and ready to fulfil the wishes and aspirations of our people.”

According to the Major, Ugandans must know that OWC inherited a mass of Ugandans predominantly dependent on traditional agriculture and a host of other monsters of mankind which constitute the basic problems to which they must provide an answer particularly to the people who expect an immediate solution.

“As OWC, we cannot afford to leave the destiny of our people to fate, we are in a hurry, we have to run where other people have walked if we have to catch up in the battle for economic emancipation.”

He says poverty of some of the Ugandans is partly on account of mind-sets, on people’s minds – not to take a step.


OWC Chief Coordinator, Gen Salim Saleh, has always guided that wealth is not only created through agriculture but through a multi-prong approach. Countries thrive when they invest in people and infrastructure.

Gen Saleh has always been keen on promotion of multiple export industries, development of a skilled work force and SMEs that create jobs. This is the interest of OWC.

“We are focused on value chains all the way to the market,” Maj Nkojo argues on his Facebook page.

He believes social economic transformation is never granted to anybody as a gift on a silver plate but people must raise to it.

He appreciated all officers and men of OWC who are really fighting for this cause against many odds particularly the CC, CDF, DCC, DOPS, CSO and colleagues Sarah Kagingo, Steven Tayebwa, Prof Ramathan Ggoobi – the Chief Economist, Dr Kenneth Kabuuza and all liason officers, among others who are working for the success of the programme.

In May, Gen Saleh decorated Kadongo Kamu and Afrigo band artists with the independence medal in recognition of their contribution towards Uganda’s socio-economic transformation on Labour Day, at Pope Paul Memorial Grounds Rubaga.

OWC’s mission is to ensure 68% of Ugandan households engaged in subsistence farming are converted into commercial farmers that employ best agricultural practices, food security and self-help projects in a bid to fight household poverty across the country.

Maj Nkojo and Sarah Kagingo speaking at a function
Gen Saleh decorates Afrigo band artistes




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