NRM warns members selling party cards


The ruling NRM Secretariat in Kampala says there is an illegal practice by a section of alleged members reportedly printing and selling party membership cards within the diaspora.

Rogers Mulindwa, the NRM Communications Officer, cites information indicating that the group engaged in this unlawful act claims, saying “once you get these paid for cards you qualify for special loans in Ugandan based Banks guaranteed by NRM government”.

The group has allegedly already launched their initiatives and that the cards bearing our official party logo (samples attached below) are being printed by a company called ZAABU TECHNOLOGIES LTD.

This company is said to have an operational branch in Kampala City.

“The responsibility of printing and issuing of membership cards is a mandate of the office of the Secretary General as laid down in Article 40(9)k of the Party Constitution. (Reprint 2015, Page 34).”


Mulindwa said no individual, group of people or an Organ/Commission of the party has been authorised with this responsibility.

If proved to be true, he said, this act does not only contradict the party constitution but may lead the concerned individuals to legal prosecution.

“NRM hereby informs the public and more especially our members in the diaspora to desist from such self-seekers and provide us with more information pertained to the same.”

The office of the Secretary General Rt. Hon. Justine Kasule Lumumba has already notified the legal committee to pursue the matter with deserving interest.



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