NRM Rutaro free, FDC Adeke leads age limit protest

Youth MP Anne Adeke Ebaju

Three members of the National Resistance Movement Youth League who were arrested for a press conference at Makerere University Guest House to denounce the scrapping of presidential age limit, have been released on police bond.

Robert Rutaro, the head of the NRM Youth Desk and former Makerere University guild president who now heads “UB40” youth group and his colleagues had been detained at Wandegeya police station on charges of holding an unlawful assembly.

The group which is against the amendment of Article 102 (b) to scrap the current 75 years ceiling for presidential candidates, says it is ready to “shove along stick deep down the leopard’s anus” until the bill has been shelved.

“Poke a long stick in the anus of leopard, finger is short! I do not pity him. It’s called self-inflicted problems. He doesn’t like it, he has options. Rwakitura or Kisozi would do. Or even that palace in Luzira,” a disgruntled Rutaro is not going easy at all on President Yoweri Museveni.

“Come 2021, let’s have a candidate of our generation to lead us. We can best handle our issues, we shouldn’t trust these historical folks anymore,” he suggested.


He adds: “Museveni is one such old man who needs some help understanding that there is life beyond being president. The UN should establish a support group so countries don’t have to be saddled with such old men. State House is not a retirement village and neither is it a nursing home.”

NRM, FDC youths join hands in protest

Also on Wednesday, youth groups belonging to various political parties joined a campaign against the lifting of age limit crusade which the Deputy Attorney General, Mwesigwa Rukutana, denies exists-yet.

A group of youth from the Conservative Party, Democratic Party and the Forum for Democratic Change appointed Anna Adeke, the national Female Youth MP, to head the campaign.

Adeke said the youth have agreed to protect the presidential age limit in the Constitution in the campaign dubbed “Inchi Yetu” (Our Country).

Adeke says in the case of Uganda, the presidential terms limits, which barred a person from serving as president for longer than two consecutive terms, was removed before it could be tested.

On the directive by Speaker Rebecca Kadaga barring MPs from discussing the age limit bill, Adeke said Rukutana misinformed the speaker leading to the ban.

Kadaga was more concerned with the threats on the lives of MPs thought to be pro-age limit bill.

Adeke said Rukutana is in liege with the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Kahinda Otafiire, who announced the publication of the bill in The Uganda Gazette.

In Arua Municipality, youth led by Fadhil Lemeriga, the chairman of Democratic Party in Arua Municipality, have denounced their MP, Ibrahim Abiriga, for championing the age limit agenda, saying this is not their stand as constituents.

President Yoweri Museveni who is 72 years will be 76 during 2021 presidential elections.



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