Nodding syndrome doc for north entertainment awards


Nodding Horror, a local documentary film about a devastating medical mystery “Nodding Syndrome” a severe neurological disease has been nominated in the movie of the year category under the Northern Uganda entertainment Awards.

“Pat Larry King’s Movie “Nodding Horror” finally emerges for the category Movie of the Year (Northern Uganda) therefore the star and film director receives a welcome to the large side” said the organize Northern Uganda Entertainment Awards.

This is a must watch documentary for all lovers of Northern Uganda & the entire Ugandan Movie industry.

According to Pat Robert Larubi aka Pat Larry King, producer of the film who also doubles as a freelance journalist / Film maker with rich experience in multimedia and communication skills says this 10 Minutes real life film seeks highlighting the agony of innocent children with nodding syndrome while helping facilitate global awareness, debate and a call to action on emerging diseases.

Nodding syndrome disease only affects children between 5 – 16 years making them helpless with an estimated 5,000 victims while 300+ children have nodded their way into the grave in northern Uganda’s district of Gulu, Pader, Kitgum, and Omoro.


Pat says, the revelation of nodding syndrome now and continued outright silence has made the post conflict recovery of Northern Uganda a mystery.

Much as the guns have gone silent the sight of horrifying, severely malnourished and often dying kids evokes tear.




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