We’ll shove stick deep down leopard anus till he retires-NRM’s Rutaro

Robert Rutaro says Museveni must retire to Kisozi farm or Luzira prison

The ruling National Resistance Movement [NRM] youth leader, Robert Rutaro, says he is ready to “shove along stick deep down the leopard’s anus” until the Constitutional Amendment Bill 2017 has been shelved.

“Poke a long stick in the anus of leopard, finger is short! I do not pity him. It’s called self-inflicted problems. He doesn’t like it, he has options. Rwakitura or Kisozi would do. Or even that palace in Luzira,” a disgruntled Rutaro is not going easy at all on President Yoweri Museveni.

Rutaro, the head of the NRM Youth Desk, was arrested on Wednesday morning while trying to hold a press conference at Makerere University Guest House to denounce the presidential age limit bill.

In 2016, Rutaro who was the champion of President Museveni as NRM youths attacked former Prime Minister, Amama Mbabazi’s home in Kololo, is now spearheading a campaign to ensure Museveni doesn’t scrap the age limit and stand again in 2021 elections.

UB40 can take over government


Through his pressure group Ugandans below 40 years of age or slightly above [UB40], Rutaro says the youth are a power, a giant, have the numbers and can take over government.

“Come 2021, let’s have a candidate of our generation to lead us. We can best handle our issues, we shouldn’t trust these historical folks anymore,” he suggested.

Rutaro who was sponsored by Museveni to do a course in oil and gas abroad now says fighting against 102 (b)’s amendment and for restoration of term limits is his duty.

“Every citizen of Uganda is called upon to do just that. There is no option for fence sitting,” he stated, quoting the law thus: The use of violence is legitimately perfect in Defense of the Constitution-article 3-(4) All citizens of Uganda shall have the right and duty at all times—

(a) to defend this Constitution and, in particular, to resist any person or group of persons seeking to overthrow the established or group of persons seeking to overthrow the established constitutional order; and

(b) to do all in their power to restore this Constitution after it has been suspended, overthrown, abrogated or amended contrary to been suspended, overthrown, abrogated or amended contrary to its provisions.

(5) Any person or group of persons who, as required by clause (4) of this article, resists the suspension, overthrow, abrogation or amendment of this Constitution commits no offence.

He says they youth legally have the express right to unleash terror both nonphysical and physical on anyone who promotes the rape of article 102 (b).

Rutaro says his platform of UB40 (Ugandans below 40) is opposed to Museveni’s manipulation of the constitution and has since identified Aston Arinaitwe Rwakajara, the NRM workers MP as one of those who need to be dealt with.

Rwakajara recently ignited a firestorm when he was quoted by edge.ug arguing that the Americans voted their President who was 72 years and have limits.

“He doesn’t analyse that the Americans have institutions and systems in place, they are practically on auto pilot and can afford having anyone in power and still effectively run,” a member of UB40 said.

“Such leaders must be attacked and voted out of office immediately. A leader who opens his stinking month without remembering to use a toothbrush every morning should find his levels.”

Museveni must go

Rutaro advises Ugandans that if they don’t like where they are, they better move out because people are not bottles to be locked in one space.

Furthermore it’s an abuse of people’s intelligence to push the idea that in over 30 million people and 30 years no one else can do his job, he argued.

“Even parent’s let us go. A child is born, helpless and vulnerable. They grow up. They become independent. They go on to do their own thing independent of their parents’ wishes and whims.”

According to him, any parent who fosters dependence in their adult kids is not a good parent. Ditto a leader who refuses to delegate and does no succession planning.

“Have you ever attended one if those funerals where a father fostered disunity among his wives and kids and left no will? Pure chaos. Often it’s a wonder the children don’t kill each other.”

Rutaro argues: “That is what Museveni is setting up the country for. He is just a selfish old man scared of becoming irrelevant. Healthy ageing demands that people continue to live vicariously through the achievements of their children and that way can continue feeling relevant.”

“He prefers to cannibalise all of the countries institutions and subjugate them to his personal control! Anyone read the old story of Icarus?”

Museveni has major control issues and has problems letting go, Rutaro pointed out, adding, “I do not know where one can get psychologists for ageing old autocrats who have a fear of letting go!”

“Museveni is one such old man who needs some help understanding that there is life beyond being president. The UN should establish a support group so countries don’t have to be saddled with such old men. State House is not a retirement village and neither is it a nursing home.”

According to the youth leader, in the animal world ageing alpha males that refuse to die a natural death or get eaten by a lion end up in a fight to the death with feisty young males coming into their mettle.

The fact that Ugandans are tired of fighting homicidal old men who have no problems with sacrificing their young so they can stay in power for life or at least the generation that grew up during his wars does not mean that one of these days there won’t be one that will deliver the coup de grace, he explained.

“Remember Gaddafi? He was killed by a 17 year old who had no clue that the old man was not just a king but next to god. And poor Gaddafi didn’t get it! He asked the kid what he ever did to him!”

He went on: “Museveni was one such irreverent youth. Brash, disrespectful he refused to wait his turn and fought his predecessors like they do it in the animal world when the ageing old fools wouldn’t move on. It’s only a matter of time before his turn comes unless he plans a dignified exit!”

“Ever had man or woman in your department who was once upon a time at the top of his game but time and age have since taken its too but he or she refused to heed the call of time? It’s embarrassing to hold on till you have to be gently reminded that you are long past your due date and your skills no longer adequate for the job.”

Rutaro concludes saying its embarrassing to everyone including younger colleagues who may have once worshipped Museveni who they are now watching ageing and dementing in front of them.

“Time to plan a dignified exit,” was Rutaro’s last piece of advice to the president.



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