Ofwono to Besigye: Will you stand in 2021 if Museveni doesn’t?

Museveni will be a year past the constitutional 75 years in 2021 elections

Government spokesperson, Ofwono Opondo, has challenged Uganda’s four-time presidential candidate, Kizza Besigye, to come out clearly and state publically if he will stay out of 2021 elections if President Yoweri Museveni doesn’t participate.

Opondo, also the Uganda Media Centre executive director, was responding to Besigye assertion on NBS TV Wednesday morning that Museveni is “illegally occupying” the office of the president of Uganda.

“We have a junta group. And just because Museveni holds the reins of power, he is not legal. Mr. Museveni is the constitution. Whatever he wants will happen. He holds the reins of power,” Besigye said.

“From my stand point, Mr. Museveni was defeated in the 2016 elections and he is in office illegally,” Besigye maintained, explaining that there is no legitimacy for a regime that emerges like that.

“Mr. Museveni did not go into power by the people’s will. He shot himself into power.”


In a tweet, Opondo asked: “Is Besigye imposing on Ugandans transition?”

When he did not receive an immediate reply, Opondo now went straight to his main point.

“Mr Besigye, would you participate as a presidential candidate in an election if Museveni isn’t a candidate in 2021?” Opondo queried.

Tweeps join in

Then a concerned Ugandan, Moses Kalema‏, quickly reminded Opondo that “an election where Mr. Museveni is a candidate will never happen again in Uganda. At least per the constitution”.

Muhwezi Ernesto‏ asked: “Why not if his in line with the constitution and eligible to stand?”

UmarDon‏: “Opondo, Kizza still qualifies, he is under 75, and has not yet achieved his mission of peaceful transition. Let the old man step down.”

Adams Nassy: “What kind of question is this? Uganda isn’t about these two fanatics. Who said they were the only ones tailored to rule us? We are fed up of both.”

#KisanjaHakunaMchezo‏: “These are the questions journalists would be asking if they weren’t too busy fawning over him.”

Term limits

Besigye had earlier said term limits are important because there is preponderance of abuse of power when in authority.

“People do not want Museveni to be qualified for the 2021 elections.”

Besigye himself was asked when he hopes to retire from politics but he said man is a political animal.

“Everything we do is political. The roads we walk on, the health centres we visit for medication are all political. I have never set out to be in elective politics.”

After avoiding the question twice, Besigye explained that what he seeks to see is a Uganda where power is given back to the people and where people’s rights are not trampled.



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