We must stop Museveni, Besigye speaks on age limit

Besigye addresses press at Katonga Road in Kampala

Former presidential candidate, Kizza Besigye, has said the 1962 constitution had no chance because those who made it had no power and that is why it was overthrown by guns.

Besigye who was Tuesday addressing a press conference at his office along Katonga Road in Kampala, said people who had power didn’t allow ordinary people to create their own constitution.

“Once people have no power, they have no constitution. Those in power are the ones who make the constitution,” Besigye said.

He observed that President Yoweri Museveni will continue to amend the constitution because he has power and because the institutions in Uganda now are for those in power.

Since independence, Besigye argued, ordinary Ugandans struggle has been to gain power and make the constitution.


He said now that Ugandans know that it’s their struggle to gain power, they are willing to sacrifice everything.

Kampala mayor Erias Lukwago and councillor Allan Ssewanyana were also present

NRM illegitimate

“Last year Museveni committed treason. Overthrowing people’s decision by guns is what is called treason,” he pointed out, adding, “Museveni captured power through guns in 1986 and not by people’s consent. Last year, NRM captured power without people’s consent.”

According to Besigye, a constitutional amendment can’t be made by an illegitimate body, saying the NRM regime is illegitimate.

He said it’s the duty of all Ugandans to awaken those who are not aware that Uganda is a captive state. “We must regain power”.

To regain that power, Besigye explained, Ugandans must have sufficient coordination to act together in order to regain this power.

“We must take actions that dis-empower the regime and the dictatorship; actions which can be done individually or collectively.”

He added: “In taking these actions, we would like to invite people to all rally and take actions that take our country to a democratic rule.”

Besigye called upon Ugandans to all work for a transition in which a new constitutional order must be undertaken.

He said when former dictator Idi Amin was declared a life president, it wasn’t him who crowned himself; he organised Ugandans to crown him.

“It later on turned out that the people of Uganda never wanted Idi Amin to be president for life.”

Besigye says the idea of a referendum and election, which are in “the hands of a dictator”, is simply providing avenues for them to say people have spoken.

Transition of power

Besigye asked all pro-democracy forces to focus on terminating control of power by NRM junta and “we have a transition”.

A transition should be of government unity to negotiate a new consensus for the people of Uganda, Besigye argued, explaining that confusing agents are doing everything within their power to confuse the people.

“We all need to focus. Political parties and institution will not be created and they will not be strong under dictatorship.”

Besigye announced that opposition is launching a campaign against the lifting of the age limit dubbed: “#Handsoffarticle102” to reclaim people power.

“When people support me, they are not interested in me, they are interested in getting power. If you are not on ‘kumulamwa’ of our struggle, people will abandon you.”

He added: “People in villages can stop this government without even doing anything. Non-violent actions can stop any form of armed group.”



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