Video: I won’t rule beyond 75, says Museveni

Museveni arrivs at Madibira Grounds in Busia for World Population Day celebrations Tuesday

President Yoweri Museveni when asked his view on term limits described the clamour for the restoration of presidential term limits in Uganda as ‘nonsense’.

The president even insisted that it should be left up to the Ugandan voters to decide their leader through the ballot and not legal impediments.

“My view is that term limits debate is a lot of nonsense,” Museveni told NTV in a 2012 interview.

“As long as here elections, the people should elect,” he noted, explaining that apart from the US, most of the western democracies did not have term limits and that this had allowed the citizens to exercise their democratic rights to elect leaders of their choice.

The same president said that there is a scientific explanation claiming that after 75 years, someone no longer has the vigour to rule.



“I know there are leaders who are beyond 75 years but I think if you want very active leaders, it’s good to have the ones below 75,” he was loud and clear.

Host: Are you saying you wouldn’t go beyond 75?

Museveni: Not at all.

Yet, his own ruling NRM party is currently mooting a bill to scrap the presidential age limit through an amendment of the constitution to allow him stand against in 2021 elections.

Born on 15 September 1944, Museveni is now 72 years old and will be 75 in 2020 and 76 in 2021 when the next round of presidential elections will be held.

Referring to his own words, Museveni by 2021 will not be good enough to lead the country.

The hullabaloo of the age limit bill reached its climax at the close of last week, leaving the population angry at their own representatives in parliament who they even threatened with death.

The Attorney General and Speaker of Parliament on Tuesday clarified that they were not aware of the bill apart from one on forceful land acquisition.

Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] Party President, Gen. Mugisha Muntu recently said he recently attended a meeting at the International Conference centre which was chaired by Museveni and adopted the motion to remove term limits.

Museveni arriving in Busia for World Population Day celebrations

“I sought for an appointment to meet Mr Museveni, he accepted. I went to meet him at State House and I told him how it was important for him to retire peacefully and leave a legacy like Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi!” Muntu said.

According to the former army commander, Museveni replied and asked who had told Muntu that he [Museveni] was interested in those legacies.

“That is the last time I met him and we completely part ways,” Muntu concluded.

At the start of this year, Museveni told Al Jazeera he would not abrogate the constitution like former President Milton Obote to impose himself on Ugandans.




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