Saleh is my pal, but I condemn age limit bill-Bobi Wine

Saleh and Bobi Wine

Ghetto musician Robert Kyagulanyi is expected to be sworn as the new Kyadondo East Member of Parliament (MP) today.

Bobi Wine, 35, says he intends to echo the same campaign message to Parliament.

“I want the public to know that I have not changed, I am still the same ghetto youth who is going to express ideas on a formal platform,” he told NBS television ahead of the ceremony.

“I do not seek to speak in parliament. I seek to develop Kyadondo East. I seek to fulfil my promise to the people.”

Bobi said he was not excited to be in Parliament.


“My duty is preach to the MPs the way I have been preaching to the people of Kyadondo East.”

Asked for a comment on the impending Constitutional Amendment Bill 2017 that seeks to scrap the presidential age limit so President Museveni can stand in 2021 elections, Bobi sounded in the negative.

“I strongly condemn the presidential age limit,” the musician said, adding, “I don’t intend to massage the ego of one person who has ruled us for many years.”

“As a person who has been elected by people, I know I’m mandated to work with president and not for the president,” he went on.

Bobi asked politicians not to confuse the two.

“I have been elected by the people, what I said in the campaigns is exactly what I’m going to say in Parliament.”

Bobi Wine also acknowledged being friends with former presidential candidate, Kizza Besigye, but that he is also friends with Police Chief Kale Kayihura as well as Museveni’s brother, Gen Salim Saleh.

“I’m friends with Kizza Besigye and all Ugandans; I don’t hear you talk about my friendship with IGP and Salim Saleh! I don’t intend to inherit animosities and hatred that I didn’t create.”

He added: “I know how to be happy without money so money can’t rule me. I’m purely representing my people.”



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